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Key Ingredients


A Spanish expedition team from Antarctica conducted a study of glaciers in Antarctica and found that there are microorganisms that can survive harsh environment at –50°C. After analysis, they found a new species of bacteria "Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica NF3".

It has many benefits including:

Highly effective in skin healing

Increase Collagen and Elastin level:

Collagen level increase by 66% in 7 days and 114% in 15 days

Elastin level increase by 7% in 7 days and 17% by 15 days

Effectively reduce skin wrinkles

Jellyfish Extract

Jellyfish have high levels of collagen as they are built up of water, proteins (one of which is collagen) and glycoproteins (a molecule built from protein and saccharide). The molecules produced by Jellyfish are not only beneficial to maintaining the condition of skin but also can give out hydrating benefits:

Long-lasting moisturising effect

Easy to to absorbed by skin with its small molecule structure

Restore skin elasticity

Fast skin repairing and regeneration

Smooth fine lines